Create & Design your own Countdowns

How many days to New Year's Eve? Christmas? How much time left till my next planned vacation? Don't miss your wedding anniversary or any other important event in your life! 

With the new Countdown app you will be able to: 
1. Countdown to any special event in your life. 
2. Follow after the progress of each Countdown. 
3. Switch between different counter views. 
4. Sort by completion rate or date. 
5. Give each Countdown a unique touch by adding colors & attaching songs. 
6. Set reminders on your Countdowns. 
7. Get a Full-Screen view of each Countdown. 
8. Navigate easily between your Countdowns. 
9. Share your Countdowns via Facebook & Twitter. 

Totally redesigned for iOS7. 
The fun has just begun, get it free for a limited time! 


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